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Dr. Marvin GreenbergDr. Marvin Greenberg was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He attended the New York City public schools and graduated from Stuyvesant High School in Manhattan. Subsequently, he earned his BS from MIT and a Master’s Degree in Public Health from the University of Michigan. The final years in school were spent at the University of Miami where he was awarded an MD degree. The next 4 years were spent in Washington, DC where he completed a General Surgery internship and Ophthalmology residency at Georgetown University. After completing his Ophthalmology residency, Dr. Greenberg returned to South Florida and opened his practice in Tamarac in 1980. Since that time, he has been providing the patients of Broward County with skilled and caring medical and surgical eyecare. Over 30 years, there has been considerable change in the technology of Ophthalmology, but there has been no change in the way he and his staff care for their patients. The Golden Rule, to treat everyone as you would want to be treated, is a top priority in Dr. Greenberg’s office.

The practice is oriented toward the general eye health of our patients. Dr. Greenberg has been sure to keep up with the rapid advancements in the field in the area of cataract surgery, as well as maintaining a high tech office environment. He currently uses an Ophthalmic Computerized Tomograph (OCT) which is now an essential part of diagnosing and treating both macular disease and glaucoma. Dr. Greenberg and his staff perform Visual Field testing for glaucoma, Laser and ultrasound precataract measurements, corneal topography, fundus photography, and since May 2011, keep all medical records electronically.

Dr. Greenberg is on the staff of several local hospitals, though that’s not where you will usually find him. Almost all eye surgery is now performed at out patient surgery centers, and Dr. Greenberg has been a founding member of two of the best in Broward County Baptist Eye Surgery Center and Surgery Center at Coral Springs. Cataract surgery, which used to take around 45 minutes, can now safely be done in a much shorter time with smaller incisions, no sutures, no patch, no injections, less anesthesia, and more accurate post operative results. Dr. Greenberg was also one of the founding members of Eye Physicians of Florida, the largest Ophthalmology group in the state of Florida

When he’s not in the office or surgery centers, Dr. Greenberg can be found at home with his family, including Barbara who has been his wife since 1969. Together they have 5 daughters, 2 who are grown, one in college, and 2 still at home. So far, none of the girls have shown an interest in becoming an Ophthalmologist.

Dr. Greenberg is very proud of the practice he has worked so hard to build where he knows every patient who walks in the door is treated as he would treat his own family. Since he continues to love the work he does, he has every intention of remaining at work with no thoughts of retirement.


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